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2021 SM River Rats Baseball & Softball Safety Plan

Southern Maine River Rats - Additional Safety Measures

In addition to the Elite Baseball “Back to Play” plan, we have implemented the following set of rules;

  • Each player is limited to 5 fans per game until further guidance is provided by the Maine Governor.  We know each venue is different but this should allow the flexibility of family members being able to attend games.  All fans MUST wear masks while at the venue regardless of spacing.
  • We strongly discourage player car-pooling. 
  • Umpires for our home games will be calling balls/strikes from either behind the plate or behind the mound.  Umpires will wear masks at all times.
  • The dugouts are different in all locations.  Our rule is the dugout can only be utilized by the number of players/coaches that they can achieve social distancing.  The remaining players will be along side the fencing, 6 feet apart.  In cases that we can mark the 6 feet of distance on the benching, we will.  
  • In leagues in which there is stealing, we are mandating our first baseman to wear a face covering while holding a runner on base.  This is our specific rule and will be completed at home games.  
  • There will be strict rules on arriving and departing from games.  When another game is being played before yours, you must wait until the field is cleared and players/fans have exited in order to enter the venue.  When your games are completed, you must exit the venue within 15 minutes of the game ending. 
  • All teams will have sanitizer for hands and for game balls.  We intend to rotate game balls each inning and disinfecting them throughout the game.

New Balance Select Maine League Safety Guidelines


  • All coaches, players & umpires need to wear a mask at all times.
  • Hitting: All players need to wear a mask while they are up at bat.
  • Base Runners: All players need to wear a mask while they are on the bases.
  • Catchers: All players need to wear a mask while catching.
  • In the field: All players need to wear a mask while playing a position on the field.
  • Dugouts: All coaches and players need to wear a mask while in the dugout.
  • Coaches box: All coaches need to wear a mask at all times.


  • All umpires need to wear a mask at all times.
  • Umpires can call a game from behind home plate as long as they still wear a mask under their protective catcher’s mask.


  • All players need to keep a 6ft social distancing in the dugouts at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer should be available in each dugout.

No touch rule:

  • Players should refrain from high fives, handshake lines and other physical contact with teammates, opposing players, coaches, umpires and fans.
  • A “tip the cap” can be used following the game instead of the handshake line. 

Home Field Additional Guidelines:

  • Some home fields may require additional guidelines, based on local board of health. Home teams need to relay any additional guidelines that their town/field is requiring.
  • Away teams need to respect these guidelines.


  • All spectators are required to follow the Maine outdoor protocols.

COVID-19 Cases:

  • Club owners are responsible for following the Maine guidelines for any COVID-19 Cases.

Report a COVID 19 Incident

If there is a COVID 19 incident to report, please fill out this link as soon as possible in addition to contacting your head coach immediately.  The appropriate representative from the SM River Rats Organization will contact you within 24 hours.